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Flower is a cute lil bot for growing and taking care of flowers. Discord can be a scary place, so it's nice to always have a flower garden for you to come back home to~ :3

What do I do?

There are a few available plants in Flower, with more being added regularly. Taking care of them is pretty simple. All you need to do is p.water each of your plants every so often (plants will die after a few days of not being watered).

How do I do stuff?

There's just a few commands available within Flower, all of which can be run from your DMs.

    • Run this to get new plants and more plant pots. After you run this you'll be shown a menu of things you can buy - simply say the name of the item you want.
  • p.water [plant name]
    • Run this to water your plant.
  • <user> [plant name]
    • Show what one of someone's plants looks like.
  • p.deleteplant [plant name]
    • Delete one of your plants.
  • p.exp <user>
    • See how much experience someone has.
  • p.revive [plant name]
    • Revives one of your dead plants.
  • p.immortalize [plant name]
    • Make one of your plants immortal. This halves your exp, but makes sure it never dies.

I'm good at pixel art!

You are? Nice! I'm not! I'm always looking for new plants to add to Flower, so if you have some pixel art you want to donate you can send me an email!


A Discord bot for growing virtual flowers in a virtual garden.




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