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Profile is a powerful Discord bot used to help handle storing for your servers.

What does it do?

With Profile, your server's moderators are able to create, modify, and manage different forms for users to fill in. Systems like this are a great help to a variety of communities - from storing character information on roleplay servers to storing your fantasy football team.

A Discord embed showing the information of a character

Using Profile gives you automated flexibility - if a user responds a certain way, you can automatically assign them a role. Profiles can automatically fill in values based on current user roles. Profiles can be set to be verified before they're public. And more.

How do I use it?

All of the bot's commands are available to you if you run ,help (the prefix is changable, but defaults to ,). I'll list them here for reference as well, though.

For these command examples, I'll assume you're trying to create and use a template called "character"

A gif showing the template and profile setup process

Managing templates

Only users with the manage roles permission are able to run these commands.

  • ,createtemplate Character
    • This will create a new template that users can fill in
  • ,edittemplate Character
    • This will allow you to edit values of the template. From the edit menu, you can add new fields, delete old ones, change the verification channel, roles, etc.
  • ,deletetemplate Character
    • This will permanently delete the Character template, and all associated profiles. This action is irreversible.
  • ,templates
    • This will list the templates for your server.

Managing profiles

  • ,character set
    • This will set up a profile for the Character template on your server.
  • ,character get [@User#0001]
    • This will get the Character profile for a given user.
    • If the user has multiple profiles, you can pick which one you want to see by just giving its name.
  • ,character edit
    • This will edit your Character profile.
  • ,character delete
    • This will delete your Character profile.


A Discord bot for storing profiles, characters, and other user information in an easy and modular way.





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