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Nette Framework Sandbox - OpenShift

The basic structure for your application. Prepared for OpenShift.

Dir structure

  • app -> misc
  • temp -> OPENSHIFT_TMP_DIR . /temp
  • www -> php
  • libs

What is Nette Framework?

Nette Framework is a powerful, component-based and event-driven framework for creating web applications and services in PHP 5.2 & 5.3. Nette Framework is designed with simplicity, speed and flexibility in mind. It allows developers to easy built better websites.

Nette Framework focuses on security and performance and is definitely one of the safest and fastest PHP frameworks. Nette Framework support the latest technologies and approaches like AJAX, HTML5, SEO, DRY, KISS, MVC, etc.


Nette Framework requires PHP 5.2.0 and/or 5.3.0.


Make directories 'sandbox/temp' and 'sandbox/log' writable.

It is CRITICAL that file 'sandbox/app/config.neon' & whole 'sandbox/app', 'sandbox/log' and 'sandbox/temp' directory are NOT accessible directly via a web browser! If you don't protect this directory from direct web access, anybody will be able to see your sensitive data. See:

Documentation, Examples, Sandbox, Tools

Nette Framework: homepage and repository Sandbox, pre-packaged and configured project: Examples repository:


This skeleton is part of the Nette Framework ( For the full copyright and license information, please view the file license.txt. For "Adminer" copyright and license information, please view it's source code.