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Bumps [puma]( from 3.12.1 to 3.12.2.
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Getting Set Up

  • Install Ruby 2.5
  • Install NodeJS (latest, not LTS)
  • Install Yarn
  • Install PostgreSQL v9.5+
  • In PostgreSQL pgAdmin, create a user called "vhp". Set the permissions to "Can Log In". Create a random password and set that password for the vhp user. Put that password into secrets.yml (see next bullet). Create two databases: "vhp" and "vhp_test"
  • Create a config/secrets.yml based on config/secrets.default.yml. Follow the comments in that file.
  $ yarn install
  $ bundle install
  $ rails db:schema:load
  $ rails data:all
  $ rails server

Finding useful commands

To find out useful commands for working with data:

$ rails -T

Rebuild the database

If db/schema.rb has changed recently, you'll need to rebuild the database:

$ rails db:schema:load

Reload the production data

To load the production data from Chromium and HTTPD:

$ rails data:all

This is the equivalent of running:

$ rails data:clear data:chromium data:httpd data:writing

To skip the clone from github,

$ rails data:chromium:nogit $ rails data:httpd:nogit

Useful commands:

$ rails server
$ rails console

The CWE csv file

To download a copy of the CWE csv file, go to and download the latest Research Concepts csv listed under 'Navigate CWE'.

Place the csv file in lib/taggers/resources/cwes.csv

On line 677 of the file, near the end of the line, change the double quotes around "<script" to single quotes 'script'

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