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WAB - The Facelift of Blockchain

Why WAB? Big Problems That WAB Solves

WAB provides an answer to the question of scalabiity facing several blockchains. The TPS mark for WAB is expected to peak at 100 million compared with a maximum of 30 for Ethereum at present.

One other looming threat to blockchains is the introduction of ASIC mining that leads to high output within a short time. This makes it possible for a blockchain takeover to be possible for platforms that rely on mining. The threat of Quantum computing is also real as this provides an easy-hack into existing blockchains.

Vision And Goals of WAB Blockchain

WAB's innovative Blockchain is designed to run on a Quantum Resistance Encryption. While existing blockchains can be hacked as a result of the exposure of the transaction signature, WAB uses primitive cryptography, transaction hash, and Lamport signatures to shield vital records. These safeguards are not exposed to Quantum computing tricks or the manipulation of Shor's Algorithm.

WAB is committed to enabling transactions between chains without the need for intermediaries. A sender of a cryptocurrency will be able to do without having to use an exchange.

Key Features

Dynamically Sharded Multigraph Blockchain

WAB puts the Dynamically Sharded Multipgraph function to work in order to scale transactions from 100 to an upper limit of 100 million per second. This is a real-world use-case triumph that is remarkable.

Quantum Proof Encryption

Using Quantum Proof encryption seals the loophole in existing blockchains that akes them susceptible to cloning of transaction signatures. WAB transactions are encrypted and decryption-proof.

Seamless Global Currencies

WAB supports the issuance of cryptocurrencies with the assurance of a hack-proof methodology. Governments and any regional union can issue an electronic currency with ease on WAB.

Intra-Chain Transactions

There is ease of transaction within the WAB ecosystem that allows for use of on-time accounts. The availability of Lamport's signature scheme guarantees security and privacy of transactions.

Cross-Chain Connection

Multi-party computing and secret sharing will make cross-chain transactions possible after prior registration of such networks. Integration will be done at minimal cost using a built-in template for new asset creation

WAB Team



More than 10 years of drupal 5,6,7,8 experience and related technologies. 3 years with Meteor framework and MEAN-MERN stack, Cordova, React-native, GraphQl, Apollo stack. 1.5 years with Ethereum/Smart Contracts / Solidity / Blockchain tech stack. Also, Konstantin Viktorov experience with native Android and IOS development.



Naveen Gupta, having 18+ year experience of IT industry and work in various roles for our Clients. An innovative, dynamic and highly energetic professional with a proven ability to identify and capitalize on business opportunities. A self-driven individual, comfortable in handling key accounts whilst exceeding service expectations. Pro-active and having a proven ability to improve by promoting best practice procedures.




Blockchain Expert/ M.Sc. Advanced Software Engineering/ BS - Computer Science. PhD Student at Knowledge Media Institute (KMi), Open University, Milton Keynes, UK; doing research on Blockchains, Academic publications & their presence on social media. Zeeshan is alumni of University of Leicester where he did M.Sc. Software Engineering. My BS in Computer Science is from Bahauddin Zakariya University, Multan. Research Assistant - Responsible for development of one of the core components of VITAL - an ambitious R&D programme to develop a prototype application platform.



A Blockchain, Tech Enthusiast and Developer with strong industry experience. Worked with 2 Blockchain companies for around 1.5 years as a Blockchain and Lead Software Engineer. Lead 3 successful ICOs in the past has a strong vision for decentralised future.

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