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WBCE CMS is a versatile, user friendly content management system. It is shipped with some modules for simple text pages, news, contact forms and includes useful admin tools. A broad variety of modules for galleries, interaction and structured content etc. is available in the WBCE Add-On Repository and can be installed easily.

Screenshot of WBCE Backend

Minimum requirements

  • about 25 MB webspace
  • PHP 7.4.14 - PHP 8.2.x (PHP 8.2.x requires WBCE 1.6.x)
  • mySQL or MariaDB database
  • GD Library / Exif / Imagemagick (if you use any module with image processing)
  • mod_rewrite (if you use ShortURL)



WBCE CMS is released under the GNU General Public License v2 or any later version. Please refer to the LICENSE file for a copy of the license.

 * Way Better Content Editing.
 * Visit to learn more and to join the community.
 * @copyright Ryan Djurovich (2004-2009)
 * @copyright WebsiteBaker Org. e.V. (2009-2015)
 * @copyright WBCE Project (2015-)
 * @license GNU GPL2 (or any later version)