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News with Images anywhere: Addon for WBCE CMS

The code snippet News with Images anywhere (NIA) is designed to fetch news entries from the `News with images module´. Invoke NIA where you want the news output to appear in your frontend. Optional configuration parameters, HTML templates, content placeholders and CSS definitions allow you to style the news output the way you want. NIA ships with four templates - including two jQuery sliding effects - ready to use out of the box.


Download is available in the WBCE CMS Add-On Repository.


The NIA code snippet is licensed under the GNU General Public License (GPL) v3.0.


The minimum requirements to get NIA running on your WBCE installation are as follows:

  • News with images module(Core module since WBCE CMS 1.4)


  1. download latest archive from AOR
  2. install the downloaded archive the usual way (WBCE Backend > Add-Ons > Modules > Install)


As NIA is designed to fetch news items from the News with images module], you need to install the NWI module and add some news entries before you can use NIA. If no news are available, the message "No news available yet" is shown. Follow the steps below to add some news entries with the NWI module.

  1. log into your WBCE backend and go to the Pages section
  2. create a new page or section of type News with images (set visibility to None)
  3. add some news entries (2-3) from the news page in the WBCE backend

Use NIA from a page or section

Create a new page or section of type Code in the WBCE backend and enter the following code to it. The NIA output is only visible at the pages/sections of your frontend, which contain this code.

if (function_exists('getImageNewsItems')) {
	echo getImageNewsItems();

Use NIA from your template

To display news items at a fixed position on every page of your frontend, open the index.php file of your default frontend template with the cwsoft-addon-file-editor (available in WBCE CMS AOR). Then add the code below to the position in your template where you want the news output to appear.

	if (function_exists('getImageNewsItems')) {
		echo getImageNewsItems();

Visit the frontend of your website and check the NIA output.

Use NIA from a Droplet

You can invoke NIA via a Droplet call from a WYSIWYG editor or your template. The Droplet accepts the NIA function parameters in any order. To create an NIA Droplet, follow the steps below.

  1. create a new Droplet called getImageNewsItems via WBCE Admin-Tools --> Droplets

  2. enter the following code into the Droplet code section

     if (! file_exists(WB_PATH . '/modules/news_img_anywhere/droplet/nia_droplet.php')) return;
     include(WB_PATH . '/modules/news_img_anywhere/droplet/nia_droplet.php');
     return $output;

Now you can use the Droplet from your WYSIWYG editor or template file via:


Note: The NIA Droplet supports all NIA parameters (except the rarely used parameter 'custom_placeholder').


The NIA output can be customized to your needs by three methods:

  1. parameters/configuration array passed to the NIA function
  2. customized NIA template files templates/display_mode_X.htt
  3. customized CSS definitions in file /css/NIA.css

NIA configuration

An overview of all supported configuration options is given in the section supported configuration options.

Calling getImageNewsItems without configuration array uses the DEFAULTS below:

$config = array(
	'group_id_type' => 'group_id',
	'group_id' => 0,
	'display_mode' => 1,
	'start_news_item' => 0,
	'max_news_items' => 10,
	'max_news_length' => -1,
	'strip_tags' => true,
	'allowed_tags' => '<p><a><img>',
	'custom_placeholder' => false,
	'sort_by' => 1,
	'sort_order' => 1,
	'not_older_than' => 0,
	'lang_id' => 'AUTO',
	'lang_filter' => false,
	'skip' => null,
            'tags' => null

// calling getImageNewsItems() without configuration array uses the defaults above
echo getImageNewsItems();

Example: To show only news associated to sectionID=8 and to set display_mode=4 the default configuration can be overwritten. Omitted paramters are set to the DEFAULTS shown above.

// customized NIA function call
$config = array(
	'group_id_type' => 'section_id',
	'group_id' => 8,
	'display_mode' => 4,
echo getImageNewsItems($config);

Supported configuration options

  • group_id_type: defines group type used by group_id to extract news entries from [supported: 'group_id', 'page_id', 'section_id', 'post_id')]

  • group_id: only show news which IDs match given group_id_type (default 'group_id') [0:all news, 1..N, or array(2,4,5,N) to limit news to single Id or multiple Ids, matching group_id_type, -1..-N, or array(-2,-4,-5,-N) to limit news to IDs NOT matching those group_id_type values]

  • display_mode: ID of the NIA template to use (/templates/display_mode_X.htt) [1:details, 2:list, 3:better-coda-slider, 4:flexslider, 5..98 custom template display_mode_X.htt] Hint: 99:cheat sheet with ALL NIA placeholders available in the template files

  • start_news_item: start showing news from the Nth news item onwards (Note: -1: last item, -2: 2nd last etc.) [valid: -999..999]

  • max_news_items: max. number of news entries to show
    [valid: 1..999]

  • max_news_length: max. news length to be shown
    [-1:= full length]

  • strip_tags: flag to strip tags from news short/long text not contained in allowed_tags [true:strip tags, false:don't strip tags]

  • allowed_tags: tags to keep if strip_tags = true [default: '<p><a><img>']

  • custom_placeholder: create own placeholders for usage in template files
    Example: custom_placeholder = array('MY_IMG' => '%img%', 'MY_TAG' => '%author%', 'MY_REGEX' => '#(test)#i')

    Stores all image URLs, all text inside <author></author> tags and all matches of "test" in placeholders: {PREFIX_MY_IMG_#}, {PREFIX_MY_TAG_#}, {PREFIX_MY_REGEX_#}, where PREFIX is either "SHORT" or "LONG", depending if the match was found in the short/long news text and # is a number between 1 and the number of matches found

  • sort_by: defines the sort criteria for the news items returned
    [1:position, 2:posted_when, 3:published_when, 4:random order]

  • sort_order: defines the sort order of the returned news items
    [1:descending, 2:=ascending]

  • not_older_than: skips all news items which are older than X days
    [0:don't skip news items, 0...999: skip news items older than x days (hint: 0.5 --> 12 hours)]

  • lang_id: defines NIA language file to be used [allowed: 'AUTO', or a valid WB language file flag: 'DE', 'EN', ...]

  • lang_filter: flag to enable language filter (requires a language flag in page URL like [default:= false, true:=only show news, which page language match given $lang_id]

  • skip: skips news items with one of the given keywords; seperate keywords with comma [default:= none]

  • tags: the opposite of 'skip', only list news items with one of the given keywords [default:= none]

Tip: To output news title and all possible NIA group_type_ids (post_id, section_id, page_id, group_id), add the following code into a page/section of type code.

require_once(WB_PATH . '/modules/news_img_anywhere/code/nia_functions.php');
getGroupIdTypes($sort_column = "post_id", $sort_order = "ASC", $output = true);

Then visit the created page/section in your frontend and extract the group_tpye_ids you want to use in your NIA function call.

NIA Templates

The HTML skeleton of the NIA output is defined by template files display_mode_X.htt stored in the NIA subfolder templates. The template file used is defined by the NIA function parameter $display_mode, which defaults to 1 if no valid input is defined. To create your own NIA template, create a new file in the NIA template folder and rename it to templates/display_mode_5.htt. You can use the cwsoft-addon-file-editor to create and edit this file via the WBCE backend.

Step 1:

Add the HTML skeleton below to your custom template file. All NIA output should be wrapped in a div with class "mod_nia" to prevent CSS clashes with other modules, templates or the WBCE core.

<div class="mod_nia">
	<h1>NIA Header (shown only once)</h1>
	<!-- next three lines will be repeated for each existing news entry -->
	<h2>News Title (repeated for each news item)</h2>
	<p>Dummy news text </p>

	<!-- this line should only show up if no news item exists -->
	<p>No news available yet</p>

Step 2:

Now we add control statements for the template parser Twig used by NIA. The line {% for news in newsItems %} loops over all news defined in the variable newsItems created by NIA. The line {% if news.TS_POSTED_WHEN > 0 %} prevents that news just created but not yet saved are listed. Inside the loop, news data extracted from the news module is accessible from the variable news created by Twig. Outputs enclosed in {% else %} and {% endfor %} is only displayed if no news exist at all.

<div class="mod_nia">
	<h1>NIA Header (shown only once)</h1>
	{% for news in newsItems %}		
		{% if news.TS_POSTED_WHEN > 0 %}
			<h2>News Title (repeated for each news item)</h2>
			<p>Dummy news text </p>
		{% endif %}
	{% else %}
		<p>No news available yet</p>
	{% endfor %}

Step 3:

Finally we replace the dummy text with placeholders provided by NIA. Data from the news module is stored in the placeholder newsItems. Text outputs from NIA language files is stored in the placeholder lang. Review the template file display_mode_99.htt (cheat sheet) to get a list of all available NIA placeholders. Remember to wrap your placeholders with double currly brackets {{ placeholder }}.

<div class="mod_nia">
	<h1>{{ lang.TXT_HEADER }}</h1>
	{% for news in newsItems %}
		{% if news.TS_POSTED_WHEN > 0 %}
			<h2>{{ news.TITLE }}</h2>
			{{ news.CONTENT_LONG }}
		{% endif %}
	{% else %}
		<p>{{ lang.TXT_NO_NEWS }}</p>
	{% endfor %}

If you want to create a custom template with jQuery effects, look at the template files display_mode_3.htt and display_mode_4.htt, which implement 3rd party jQuery sliding effects. To learn more about the possibilities of the template parser Twig, please have a look at the excellent Twig user manual.


The NIA default templates (/templates/display_mode_X.htt) wrap the NIA output in a div container as shown below.

<div class="mod_nia">
	<h2>Dummy Header</h2>
	<p>Dummy news text to explain</p>

To change the news header of aboves example to green and the news text to blue, open the css/NIA.css file in the [cwsoft-addon-file-editor and add the following CSS definitions.

div.mod_nia h2 {
	color: green;

div.mod_nia p {
	color: blue;

Note: It is common practice to limit the scope of the CSS defintions to the div mod_nia. This practice ensures that your CSS definitions do not overwrite styles defined in other modules, templates or the WBCE core. You should stick to this good practice when creating your own template files.

Known Issues

You can track the status of known issues or report new issues found in NIA via WBCE CMS forum.


If you have questions or issues with NIA, please visit the WBCE Forum and ask for help.

Always provide the following information with your support request:

  • detailed error description (what happens, what have you already tried ...)
  • the NIA version (go to WBCE section Add-ons / Info / News with Images anywhere)
  • your PHP version (use phpinfo(); or ask your provider if in doubt)
  • WBCE version
  • name of the WBCE frontent template used
  • information about your operating system (e.g. Windows, Mac, Linux) incl. version
  • information of your browser and browser version used
  • information about changes you made to WBCE (if any)


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