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Wang Genomics Lab

We develop software tools for genome analysis

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  1. doc-ANNOVAR doc-ANNOVAR Public

    Documentation for the ANNOVAR software

    207 312

  2. InterVar InterVar Public

    A bioinformatics software tool for clinical interpretation of genetic variants by the 2015 ACMG-AMP guideline

    Python 178 92

  3. dragonstar2019 dragonstar2019 Public

    132 98

  4. DeepMod DeepMod Public

    DeepMod: a deep-learning tool for genomic-scale, strand-sensitive and single-nucleotide based detection of DNA modifications

    Python 95 36

  5. NanoCaller NanoCaller Public

    Variant calling tool for long-read sequencing data

    Python 88 8

  6. PennCNV PennCNV Public

    Copy number vaiation detection from SNP arrays

    C 86 51


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