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Web Platform Incubator Community Group

This repository is being used for work in the Web Platform Incubator Community Group, governed by the W3C Community License Agreement (CLA). To contribute, you must join the CG.

If you are not the sole contributor to a contribution (pull request), please identify all contributors in the pull request's body or in subsequent comments.

To add a contributor (other than yourself, that's automatic), mark them one per line as follows:


If you added a contributor by mistake, you can remove them in a comment with:


If you are making a pull request on behalf of someone else but you had no part in designing the feature, you can remove yourself with the above syntax.


For normative changes, a corresponding web-platform-tests PR is highly appreciated. Typically, both PRs will be merged at the same time. Note that a test change that contradicts the spec should not be merged before the corresponding spec change. If testing is not practical, please explain why and if appropriate file an issue to follow up later. Add the type:untestable or type:missing-coverage label as appropriate.

Spec Changes

If you would like to propose a spec change, please send a PR that changes spec/ and regenerate dist/spec/index.html.

Here's a workflow to get you started:

  1. Fork
  2. git clone your fork and cd trusted-types
  3. npm install to get everything set up.
  4. Run git checkout -b your-branch-name to setup a branch to hold your patch.
  5. Optionally, install bikeshed
  6. Run node_modules/.bin/gulp which will regnerate dist/spec/index.html every time you modify spec/
  7. Open a browser to your local dist/spec/index.html.
  8. Until you're happy, make edits to your local spec/ To help, you might refer to:
  9. Be aware of issue 112 if you're having trouble with the watcher.
  10. Maybe locally enable Complain About: broken-links yes and double check that there are no broken links. Broken-link checking is slooow during development.
  11. Commit and push your branch to your fork and send us a PR.
  12. Check the PR to see if bots need you to sign any contributor agreements.

Once your PR is merged, it'll be available at but if you want a shareable link to your PR, try filling in the blanks:<YOUR-GITHUB-HANDLE>/trusted-types/<YOUR-BRANCH-NAME>/dist/spec/index.html

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