Web-based Inquiry Science Environment (WISE).
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Web-based Inquiry Science Environment (WISE)

Join the chat at https://gitter.im/WISE-Community/WISE Build Status

Setup WISE on a Server: https://github.com/WISE-Community/WISE/wiki#Install_WISE_on_a_server

Develop WISE locally: https://github.com/WISE-Community/WISE/wiki/How-to-Setup-WISE-Local-Development

Release Notes: https://github.com/WISE-Community/WISE/releases

Design Doc and Notes: https://github.com/WISE-Community/WISE/wiki/WISE5-Design-Documentation-and-Notes

Other documentation: https://github.com/WISE-Community/WISE/wiki

Developer mailinglist: https://groups.google.com/forum/#!forum/wise-dev

Open-source license: GNU General Public License, v3. See LICENSE.txt for details.

To see WISE in action and for inquiry science curricula developed by the WISE research team at UC Berkeley, visit https://wise.berkeley.edu.