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HTTP Server Example for W6100-EVB

Common to Any MCU, Easy to Add-on. Internet Offload co-Processor, HW TCP/IP chip, best fits for low-end Non-OS devices connecting to Ethernet for the Internet of Things. These will be updated continuously.

Hardware Environment

  • W6100EVB
    • connecting Micro usb.
    • connecting Ethernet cable.

Software Environment

  • Device Setting Program : STM32CubeMX Ver 5.1.0

  • Compile Program : TrueStudio Ver 9.2.0

  • Flash Program : FLASHER-STM32 Ver2.8.0

  • Compile method

    • Git-Hub source file download
    • TrueStudio -> W6100EVB-HTTP_Server in folder, run TrueStudio Project file

    • WorkSpace path select

    • ① open main.c file and build ② build icon or Key CTRL + B

    • Click Debug icon or Key F11

    • If you have ST-LINK, Run Debug - Click debug button or Key F8


  • Demo Environment & Program

    • Windows 10
    • Internet Explorer
    • Hercules
  • Demo Result

    • Power On and push Reset button to start Program
    • Program Run Serial display

    • Excute Internet Explorer and input device ip address
    • Internet Explorer contact HTTP Server

    • Connect Ipv6 Address

    • Internet Explorer HTTP Server Device Network Information

    • Internet Explorer HTTP Server Device RGB LED control

    Code review

    • main.c code flow

    Test packet capture file