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TFTP Server Example for W6100-EVB with GCC and Eclipse IDE

Common to Any MCU, Easy to Add-on. Internet Offload co-Processor, HW TCP/IP chip, best fits for low-end Non-OS devices connecting to Ethernet for the Internet of Things. These will be updated continuously.

Hardware Environment

  • W6100EVB
    • connecting Micro usb.
    • connecting Ethernet cable.

Software Environment

  • Compile Program : ARM GCC Toolchain 2018-q4-major

  • Flash Program : FLASHER-STM32 Ver2.8.0 or STM32CubeProgrammer V2.0.0

  • Compile method

    • Git-Hub source file download
    • Select File -> Import in Eclipse

    • Select "Existing Projects into Workspace"

    - Select WorkSpace path. w6100-evb-gcc-eclipse-tftps-simple\gcc-eclipse-projectfolder\w6100-evb-gcc-eclipse-tftps-simple

    • Build the Project


  • Demo Environment & Program

  • Demo Result

    • Run TFTPd64.exe and prepare on the root directory of it.

    - And power on W6100EVB and press reset button
    - Then, application transfer the specified file and display the debug messages with the block number on serial console.

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