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This bot was written and designed for mmcfe-ng, specifically the API supplied with mmcfe-ng. It was intended as a simple IRC solution to notify users of new blocks and offer some commands to check the pool status.


  • python-daemon


Download the source code via git. Ensure you have python-daemon installed:

easy_install python-daemon

or via your distributions package repository, if available.


Copy the sample configuration file conf/example.cfg and replace settings as you see fit.

Running the Bot

Execute the supplied python script to fork the process in the background:


Closing the Bot

Kill the process ID via kill and remove the PID files afterward. This shall be added as a cleanup call later down the road.

Adding Commands

If you want to add your own commands please check the supplied ones in the commands folder. They are simple to create and easy to add to the bot.

  • Create a new subfolder in commands, this will be your commands name
  • Create a new file in your commands subfolder
  • Create a new def yourcommand_run_cmd which is called when your command is triggered (see samples supplied)
  • Returned data of that command is send to the IRC channel

Reloading Commands

Whenever you are working with commands you might want to re-load these without re-starting the bot. You can do so by sending the SIGUSR1 signal to the process. It will re-hash all commands available and you should be able to try them out or edit them anytime.


The bot does support coins blocknotify scripts. As with reloading commands, send a SIGUSR1 call to the process to enforce a blockupdate request. Might be useful for those with very fast block finding rates.