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(Bio)Acoustic resources

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Automatic classification / artifical intelligence

Bas, Y, D Bas & J-F Julien (2017): Tadarida: A Toolbox for Animal Detection on Acoustic Recordings. - Journal of Open Research Software. 5(1), article 6(p. 1-8). HERE

Clink, DJ & H Klinck (2019, manuscript): gibbonR: An R package for the detection and clasification of acoustic signals using machine learning. HERE the gibbonR package is so brandnew, that you have to install it manually from github :-) HERE

Ovaskainen et al. (2018): Animal Sound Identifier (ASI): software for automated identification of vocal animals. - Ecology Letters 21(8): 1244-1254. HERE

Northeast Temperate Network: SOP 8 - Automated Sound Detection and Classification.(this is a superb manual to using R with the library monitoR) HERE

Katz et al. (2016): Tools for automated acoustic monitoring within the R package monitoR. - Bioacoustics 25(2): 197-210. HERE


Barataud M (2015): Bioacoustics of European bats. - Museum of Natural History, Paris. HERE

Walters CL et al. (2012): A continental-scale tool for acoustic identification of European bats. - Journal of Applied Ecology 49: 1064-1074. HERE

Bas, Y, D Bas & J-F Julien (2017): Tadarida: A Toolbox for Animal Detection on Acoustic Recordings. - Journal of Open Research Software. 5(1), article 6(p. 1-8). HERE

Rydell, J, S Nyman, J Eklöf, G Jones & D Russo (2017): Testing the performance of automated identification of bat echolocation calls: a request for prudence. - Ecological Indicators 78: 416-420. HERE

Prince et al. (2019): Deploying acoustic detection algorithms on low-cost open source acoustic sensors for environmental monitoring: Sensors 19(3): 553. HERE


Köhler J, M Jansen, A Rodriguez, PJR Kok, LF Toledo, M Emmrich, F Glaw, CFB Haddad, M-O Rödel & M Vences (2017): The use of bioacoustics in anuran taxonomy: theory, terminology, methods and recommendations for best practice. - Zootaxa 4251(1): 1-124. HERE

Schneider, H (2005): Bioakustik der Froschlurche - einheimische und verwandte Arten, mit Audio-CD. - Zeitschrift für Feldherpetologie Supplement 6: 1-135. HERE

grasshoppers, crickets etc.

Roesti C & B Keist (2009): Die Stimmen der Heuschrecken. - Haupt Verlag with DVD. HERE

Sardet E, C Roesti & Y Braud (2015): Cahier d´identification des Orthoptères de France, Belgique, Luxembourg et Suisse. - Biotope, Mèze (collection Cahier d´Identification), 304p. HERE


Akamatsu T (2008): Cetacean Bioacoustics with Emphasis on Recording and Monitoring. - In: Havelock D, Kuwano S & M Vorländer (eds): Handbook of Signal Processing in Acoustics. pp. 1897-1907. Springer, New York, NY. HERE

Zimmer WMX (2011): Passive Acoustic Monitoring of Cetaceans. - Cambridge University Press. HERE


Bardeli R, D Wolff, F Kurth, M.Koch, K-H Tauchert & K-H Frommolt (2010): Detecting bird sounds in a complex acoustic environment and application to bioacoustic monitoring. - Pattern Recognition Letters 31(12): 1524-1534. HERE

Salamon J, JP Bello, A Farnsworth & S Kelling (2017): Fusing shallow and deep learning for bioacoustic bird species. - 2017 IEEE International Conference on Acoustics, Speech and Signal Processing (ICASSP), New Orleans, LA, 2017, pp. 141-145. HERE

environmental sound

Chachada S & CCJ Kuo (2013): Environmental sound recognition: A survey. - 2013 Asia-Pacific Signal and Information Processing Association Annual Summit and Conference, Kaohsiung, 2013, pp. 1-9. HERE

other open source audio recorders

Whytock RC & J Christie (2017): Solo: an open source, customizable and inexpensive audio recorder for bioacoustic research. - Methods in Ecology and Evolution 2017 (8): 308-312. [Raspberry PI] PAPER HOMEPAGE

Hill AP, Prince P, Covarrubias EP, Doncaster CP, Snaddon JL & A Rogers (2018): AudioMoth: Evaluation of a smart open acoustic device for monitoring biodiversity and the environment. - Methods in Ecology and Evolution 2018: 1-13. HERE

Arnold Andreasson (2018, work in progress): CloudedBats - Wireless Ultrasonic Recorder for bats HERE

Vrignault, Jean-Do. (2019, work in progress): Teensy Recorder - Passive Recorder & Active Recorder for bats and horseshoe bat logger HERE

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