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A dialer based on UWP and .NET for the WoA on Lumia Project.


The UWP requires at least Windows 10 version 1903, build 18362


You'll also need to restore the NuGet packages.

This is the setup I used:

  • VS 2019
  • For the UWP app, the min version is 1809, while the target version is 1903.

Test builds

For early testing you can join to WOA Dialer Testing Channel. These builds will not published on GitHub.

This readme

I must have forgot things. Please forgive me and point me to the right directions, and I'll fix it.

This application

I surely have forgot things. I surely have implemented things really badly. Things will be broken for sure. I'm a noob, so open those issues and I'll try to fix them. If you have suggestions on how to improve certain things, feel free to send me a message, do a PR, whatever you want! It's 100% accepted! I'm a student so I have little time to work on side projects, and I still have a lot to learn, so forgive me, please!


Thanks a lot for contributing to the project: