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This is the official repository for the WebPageTest web-performance testing code.

If you are looking to install your own instance, I recommend grabbing the latest private instance release.

Troubleshooting Private instances

If your instance is running, but you're having issues configuring agents, try navigating to {server_ip}/install and checking for a valid configuration.


The cross-platform browser agent is here.


WebPageTest Documentation

API Examples

There are two examples using the Restful API:

  • /bulktest - A php cli project that can submit a bulk set of tests, gather the results and aggregate analysis.
  • /batchtool - A python project that can submit a bulk set of tests and gather the results.


There are 2 separate lies of development under different licenses and pull requests are accepted to either of them. The master branch where most active development is occurring is under the Polyform Shield 1.0.0 license and there is an "apache" branch which is under the more permissive Apache 2.0 license.

Change Log

View the WebPageTest Change Log