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@pmeenan pmeenan released this Jan 3, 2017

  • Fixed outbound traffic-shaping on WiFi connections
  • Fixed support for fractional packet loss

MD5: BC14C73215EA722F37551890EB50D1F0
SHA-1: C8B140CA207946C74B3088925765FF994484DBBC

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@pmeenan pmeenan released this Nov 11, 2016

Initial release of packet-level traffic-shaping utility for Windows 8.1 or later. The exe is stand-alone and can be launched from anywhere but does require administrator access to run (installs a device driver to apply the traffic-shaping).

The binary is code-signed with a certificate from WebPageTest LLC and can be verified with the following hashes:
MD5: DB1F38631AA3C8D0AFDF8755D8F3A281
SHA-1: 4F9489121056F526F262D2ED52F1CD762D3EDB82

Assets 3