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The examples in this repository show how Domain Stories can be modeled with–The Domain Story Modeler.

About Domain Storytelling

Domain Storytelling is a collaborative, visual, and agile way to build domain-driven software. Read more about this modeling technique on

About is an open-source tool for visualizing domain stories that runs in your browser. It is maintained by WPS—Workplace Solutions GmbH on GitHub.

You can try online or download the latest release from GitHub (extract the zip file and open index.html in your browser). We recommend Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox as browser.

About the examples

Examples from the book

These are the examples used in the Domain Storytelling book written by Stefan Hofer and Henning Schwentner:

  • Alphorn car leasing: The stories named 1 and 1a show on a coarse-grained level how this leasing company operates. The stories with payment, offering, and risk assessment in their name show subdomains of Alphorn in more detail.
  • Metropolis arthouse cinema: The manager of this small, old-fashioned cinema wants to introduce an app for movie-goers.
  • Opening stories: Several chapter in the book open with a story that explains the content of the chapter. Domain stories describing Domain Storytelling—that's how we have fun!
  • Travel: Three stories about traveling. They illustrate that Domain Storytelling works in different natural languages, e.g., German, Chinese, and Farsi.

More examples

  • Organizing an investment conference: This story was modeled with a real domain expert in a meetup. Watch the recording of the session on Youtube!
  • External authentication provider: This story illustrates that domain stories can be about technical processes too. It is an anonymized real-world example of a web app that uses an external provider to manage user accounts.

Import and replay the examples

  1. First download the '.dst' or '.dst.svg' files from the example folders. If you download files directly from the Github webpage, make sure to download the raw files!
  2. In, click the upload button Upload Button to upload one of the domain stories.
  3. The replay feature helps you to re-tell a Domain Story sentence by sentence. When you start a replay with the play button Play Button, all activities except the first one disappear.
  4. Clicking the forward button Forward Button shows the next activity and clicking the previous button Previous Button shows the previous one. Editing is disabled in replay mode, but you can zoom (mouse wheel up and down) and scroll (ctrl + mouse wheel up and down).
  5. The stop the replay, click the stop button Stop Button.

You an find the full manual on the website.