@dingo-d dingo-d released this Feb 12, 2019 · 4 commits to feature/use-namespace since this release

This is the first release candidate for Theme Sniffer 0.2.0

It's used for testing purposes and is not complete. To see the list of things that are to be done check the pull request #97

In the release is the attached zipped plugin that you can upload to your site and it should work as is.

Please report the issues either in the opened pull request or in the issues.

Update 17.02.2018.

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@dingo-d dingo-d released this Jan 26, 2018 · 7 commits to master since this release

Merge pull request #79 from dingo-d/feature/rewrite-plugin-webpack

Feature/rewrite plugin webpack
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Apr 19, 2017
Update zip link in readme file

@ernilambar ernilambar released this Jan 31, 2017 · 160 commits to master since this release

  • Add option to display report in HTML or raw format
  • Update to latest sniffs
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@ernilambar ernilambar released this Jan 20, 2017 · 179 commits to master since this release

Fix sniffer issues in admin files
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Dec 20, 2016
Tagging 0.1.0