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CrimsonCode Hackathon Site

Site for CrimsonCode Hackathon. Template from Start Bootstrap.

Developer Usage

You need npm (^6.0.1) and node (^10.13.0) installed.

Next, you'll probably have to update some crusty old node modules.

npm update

Install modules locally in node_modules folder.

npm install

To test any changes, you can simply build a local copy of the distribution by typing


and then viewing dist/index.html in a browser.


In order for any new changes in master to show up on the website, it needs to be published:

  1. Obtain access to the LUG (Linux Users' Group) server for the hackathon site (talk to the current president or sysadmin)
  2. In a terminal, set the environment variable for HACKATHON_USER to the username given to you by the LUG once you have access. export HACKATHON_USER=[insert username here] (this only sets the variable for the current session)
  3. Make sure you are in the hackathon directory and then run the ""

If you have any issues, contact whoever set up your access to the server and if they are unable to help, contact a past ACM chair or troubleshoot via Google.


  • Remember that deploying the site won't delete any files that already exist in public_html
  • Using scp isn't working properly on Ubuntu. It won't overwrite the minified css; a simple hack is to delete the minified css on the server, and then deploy. I'll try to fix this in the future.
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