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People Counter

Walabot Meet Raspberry Pi! - Walabot Wed

This is a simple Walabot application that detects people entering / exiting rooms.

  • Works on both Windows and Linux.
  • Tested on Windows 10, Ubuntu 16.04 LTS and Raspberry Pi 3..
What does the Walabot Do?

The app uses the Walabot sensor to detect people inside it's arena (around the door header).
The Y axis is used to determine the location of a person relative to the door.
A positive number means there's a person inside the room, a negative number means there's someone outside.

How to Use

  1. Install the Walabot SDK and the WalabotAPI Python library using pip.
  2. Attach the Walabot to the center of your door header (explained below).
  3. Run and follow the instructions.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Current Walabot settings are for the Walabot Creator and Raspberry Pi 3.

Attaching the Walabot to the Door Header

In order of the application to work correctly the Y axis of the Walabot has to be perpendicular to the door header, with the positive side facing outside the room.
Take a look here to verify the coordinate system in your Walabot.

Editing the Code

At the bottom of the code you can find variables that can be changed easily without dealing with the "heavy" part of the code.
All those variables should vary between different Walabot boards, operating systems, operating machines, etc.
'Walabot Settings' variables are necessary to set the Walabot arena.

Walabot Settings

  • rArenaMin, rArenaMax, rArenaRes: Walabot SetArenaR parameters. Determines how low (from it's location) the Walabot will "see".
  • thetaArenaMin, thetaArenaMax, thetaArenaRes: Walabot SetArenaTheta parameters. The theta axis is ignored in this app, those values should always be the "lowest" possible.
  • phiArenaMin, phiArenaMax, phiArenaRes: Walabot SetArenaPhi parameters. Used to set how "far" the Walabot will "see" (from it's location).

A comprehensive explanation about the Walabot imaging features can be found here.

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