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Message validator for Kafka/RabbitMQ/Anything through AsyncAPI schema
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message validator through asyncapi schema

npm i asyncapi-validator


  • Validate your AsyncApi Schema against AsyncApi Schema definition
  • Validate your messages against your AsyncApi Schema definition
  • Use 'bundle.min.js' to run validator in browser
  • Load your AsyncApi Schema from local file or any URL
  • Supports AsyncApi in JSON and YAML format
  • Supports all versions of AsyncAPI
  • more coming . . .


 * @param {String} path - local path or URL of AsyncAPI schema
 * @param {Object} options - options for validation
 * @returns {Promise}
fromSource(path, options)

 * @param {String} key
 * @param {Object} payload
validate(key, payload)


value type description
ignoreArray boolean If true, then if schema is defined as an array and payload is an object, then payload will be placed inside an array before validation.


const AsyncApiValidator = require('asyncapi-validator')
let va = await AsyncApiValidator.fromSource('./api.yaml')

// validate 'UserDeleted' key with payload
va.validate('UserDeleted', {
  userId: 'bd58d14f-fd3e-449c-b60c-a56548190d68',
  deletedBy: 'bd58d14f-fd3e-449c-b60c-a56548190d68',
  deletedAt: '2017-01-09T08:27:22.222Z',

// validate 'Key' key with payload
va.validate('Key', {1:1})


Error thown from asyncapi-validator will have these properties.

key type value description
name string AsyncAPIValidationError AsyncAPIValidationError
key string "key" of payload against which schema is validated
message string errorsText from AJV
errors array Array of errors from AJV

Error Example

  AsyncAPIValidationError: data.type should be equal to one of the allowed values at MessageValidator.validate (.....
  name: 'AsyncAPIValidationError',
  key: 'hello',
      { keyword: 'enum',
        dataPath: '.type',
        schemaPath: '#/properties/type/enum',
        params: [Object],
        message: 'should be equal to one of the allowed values'
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