De Shared Wallet is a centralized ledger suitable for use like a cryptocurrency hot wallet
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Shared Wallet

A shared wallet server, for maintaining a centralized ledger of accounts. Accounts can transfer amounts to each other, deposit and withdraw. Currently supports Bitcoin and Dash.

REST + Bitjws + Swagger

This server provides a REST API for operation as a service. The authentication is done using bitjws.


Just run make install. This will automatically install all prereqs including ledger-cli and sepc256k1.

Also make will create data directories for storing your logs and configuration files. Expected to run on *nux systems, these directories will be as follows.

For Location
logs /var/log/desw
configuration /etc/tapp/desw
pids /var/run/

If and when you wish to change any configuration settings, edit the .ini file in the configuration directory.


This package is practically useless without installing one or more wallet plugins. The only wallet backend that it comes with is a mockup. Currently supported plugins are: desw-bitcoin and desw-dash.

Bitcoin Examples

For the sake of an example, we'll assume you're starting with the desw-bitcoin plugin, and that you're using bravado-bitjws Python client.

Register a new user
luser = client.get_model('User')(username=username)
user = client.user.addUser(user=luser).result().user
Get an address
addy = client.get_model('Address')(currency='BTC', network='Bitcoin')
address = client.address.createAddress(address=addy).result()
Get your balances
balances = client.balance.getBalance().result()
Send coins
addy = "1Go7y9ZQE3fzkHwWE89n4SbRo1GMEZonLN"
debit = client.debit.sendMoney(debit={'amount': 0.01,
                              'address': addy,
                              'currency': 'BTC',
                              'network': 'Bitcoin',
                              'state': 'unconfirmed', #ignored
                              'reference': 'test send money BTC external',
                              'ref_id': ''}).result()