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Geometric Weather

Download app

Contact me

How to run

Clone this project and build it by AndroidStudio.

Build variants

You can select a specific build variants in AndroidStudio. There are 3 build variants now. Specifically, the fdroid variant dose not contain any closed source 3rd-party SDK, such as Baidu Location Service and Bugly. The gplay variant integrated the Google Play Service to improve accuracy of location. And finally, the public variant contains all closed source 3rd-party SDK which is not exist in fdroid version except the Google Play Service.

Weather icon extensions

If you want to build your own weather icon-pack, please read this document:

Also, you will find some icon-packs made by me here:

By the way, GeometricWeather is compatible with Chronus Weather IconPacks. You can download them from Google Play or any other app store you have.

Help me to improve the translation

You can contact me by Email, or just submit a pull request.

Contribute code

If you want to contribute code to help me to improve GeometricWeather, please make changes on the dev branch.


Also see

What I gonna do next

  • Complete the migration to Material You.
  • More AppWidget with Material You style.
  • Refactoring the polling process based on Kotlin coroutine.
  • Modularize the entire project.