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Maps used on the Warzone server.
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The maps and active rotation used on the Minehut Warzone server.

Updating the Repo

When adding or modifing any map in this repo, please note some of the requirements we have for our maps.

  • Make sure the map is on the latest MC version the plugin currently supports (1.13.2).
  • The map must be fully pruned (The only chunks saved should be the map itself, you can use a program such as this one).
  • You must only include necessary world files (level.dat, map.json, and region/*).
  • You must include a valid map.json file (This file is used to define locations for TGM).
  • Ensure the map you are adding has a commercial license, meaning we have full permission to add the map and use it on our server.


If you need any additional support with writing a map.json or anything else, you can try checking out our docs or by contacting a Map Developer on our Discord server located here.

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