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Malvoz commented Dec 1, 2020

  • On iPhone, <video playsinline> elements will now be allowed to play inline, and will not automatically enter fullscreen mode when playback begins.
    <video> elements without playsinline attributes will continue to require fullscreen mode for playback on iPhone.

Might we worth to add the attribute by default. See the HTML [`

1ec5 commented Mar 22, 2018

MGLTilePyramidOfflineRegion should have a countOfTiles method that returns the number of tiles included in the tile pyramid. The implementation would rely on the mbgl::util::tileCount() function added in #9906.

This is the iOS/macOS equivalent to #11108 for Android. It would serve as a built-in alternative to mapbox/turf-swift#47 for applications already using the map SDK, including applica

superivaj commented Mar 11, 2019

maptalks's version and what browser you use?
v0.43.0, chrome

Issue description
Layers do not share WebGL context, which creates glitches when a map has more than one 3d layer. For example a buildings layer with a 3D line will not hide the line behind the buildings.
In particular, I am implementing a 3D terrain layer but this layer will not hide (behind mountains) any other 3d element

Saijin-Naib commented Nov 4, 2020

I think it'd be great to be able to move a Task between Projects, likely from the Task's Edit page.

This can help with keeping things organized, as you may not realize you'll need/want new Projects immediately, and it will save you having to either to export/import, or re-upload data (if you've not processed it).

For instance, I'd now like to move my Pix4D example datasets out from the Githu

orangemug commented Jan 30, 2020

'react-autocomplete' ( is no longer maintained and causing warnings

react-dom.development.js:12357 Warning: componentWillMount has been renamed, and is not recommended for use. See for details.

  • Move code with side effects to componentDidMount, and set initial state in the constructor.
  • R

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