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WaterdogPE is a brand new Minecraft: Bedrock Edition proxy software developed by the developers of the old Waterdog Proxy.
In this new proxy, we are working with Cloudbursts Protocol Library. It takes alot of maintaining effort from us and provides us with a nice api to work with.
If you want to discuss things without joining the discord server, please use the Discussions Tab

Setup Guide

If you haven't used WaterdogPE before, we recommend you to take a look at our setup guide in the docs.
Please note that the config from the old Waterdog (Bungee) is not compatible with WaterdogPE

Supported Software

Our goal is to support all commonly used Minecraft: Bedrock server softwares. Spoons and unofficial forks will not be supported due to the lack of proper implementation.
You can find list of currently supported/unsupported software here.

Benefits compared to Waterdog

  • Reduced memory usage
  • Much cleaner Plugin API
  • Much more configurable
  • Easy to modify / contribute
  • Active Support and quick updates for new MC:BE Versions
  • BE server pinging: Easily ping your downstream server using a plugin to check its status
  • Resource pack support
  • Maintained documentation

Known bugs fixed in WaterdogPE


To compile WaterdogPE please visit our guide.

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