Analysis of protein coding exons in single molecule assemblies
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Analysis of protein coding exons in single molecule assemblies


clone this repo

git clone
cd sm_assemblies

download genomes

/bin/bash scripts/
gunzip *.fasta.gz
mkdir genomes
mv *.fasta genomes


snakemake --use-conda

parse splign output

Perl script can be used to summarise the splign output.

The way the pipeline stores splign results is in a "one query, one subject" file i.e. "ENST00000052569.10.OCVW01001666.1.aln" - this would be all of the splign hits from ENST00000052569.10 (query) against OCVW01001666.1 (subject).

To summarise the best hit from a single alignment file, run the script like this:

perl scripts/ ENST00000052569.10.OCVW01001666.1.aln

However, often we want to consider the hits against multiple subjects in order to find the best hit. In this case, we run it like this:

perl scripts/ <(cat ENST00000052569.10.*.aln)

This will find the best hit from alignments of ENST00000052569.10 against all subjects it has been aligned against.

The output is tab-delimited:

  • query name
  • hit name
  • query start
  • length of alignment
  • number of mismatch events
  • number of bases in mismatch events
  • number of insertion events
  • number of bases in insertion events
  • number of deletion events
  • number of bases in deletion events
  • protein sequence of aligned bases