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Welcome to the WeBlog module

WeBlog is a blog module for Sitecore 7.0+. It is the successor to the EviBlog module.


  • Windows Live Writer integration (MetaWeblog API)
  • Page Editor support and custom WebEdit ribbon
  • Wordpress Import
  • CSS-based themes, with custom themes possible (one included)
  • Various blog navigation components
  • Comments (with author notification and optional approval workflow)
  • Comment CAPTCHA through MSCaptcha or reCAPTCHA
  • Gravatar Support
  • Social sharing through ShareThis or AddThis, and other Facebook and Twitter widgets
  • Tagging and tagcloud
  • RSS Feeds (Sitecore Integrated RSS)
  • Multi-server (staged architecture) support
  • Globalized labels and messaging (English, Danish, Dutch, German and Japanese translations provided)
  • Akismet comment spam checker

Most importantly, WeBlog has been architected to allow you to easily integrate it into your existing content and design, and to allow you to customize its templates and layout to your project requirements.

Latest Release

The latest release of WeBlog is Release 2.4.0. A Sitecore package of the release can be found on the Sitecore Marketplace

For a list of changes in this release refer to the [Change Log](/WeTeam/WeBlog/blob/master/Website/Change Log.txt)

Sites Running WeBlog

Check out the list!


Also check out these two videos that will show you how to create and edit your blog. - Features of the blog and how to create a blog, post and change settings - Themes, RSS feeds, live writer integration

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