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Learning Resources

Resources for getting into Web3 development


This respository aims to put forward a curated pathway, from no coding experience at all, to seasoned veterans of multiple languages. The end goal of traversing these resources, is a position of readiness to develop decentralised applications on the Ethereum platform.

Disclaimer: This list is curated by volunteers, and the only thing they get from you progressing through this list is warm and fuzzies. There are many resources which we have omitted purely becuase we don't know about them. If you'd like to add anything, please feel free to submit a Pull Request.


I know nothing about Ethereum

Ethereum is a distributed, decentralised computer.

This is a pretty good introductory video

If you really wanna go deep on theory, here's a crowdsourced reading list containing a bunch of links to talks/papers/articles which explain Ethereum concepts in more details.

I have never written any code

Excellent. If you'd tried to learn to code a few years ago, it wouldn't be as easy. There are some great resources out there for getting started really quickly. CodeAcademy's Introduction to JavaScript comes well recommended.

I have dabbled in code but I consider myself a massive noob

Self awareness is a highly desirable trait. If you're still on the fringes of coding, you're probably again a good candidate for CodeAcademy's Introduction to JavaScript.

I have written a few useful scripts

Baller. If you've done them in a language other than JavaScript, you might want to have a quick run through CodeAcademy's Introduction to JavaScript, but if you reckon you're going to conquer that too easily, head on down to CryptoZombies.

I have never used JavaScript

CodeAcademy's Introduction to JavaScript. If you reckon that's too easy and you're just looking to jump right into Solidity: CryptoZombies.

I would consider myself proficient with JavaScript



I have never seen Solidity code


Space Doggos

This Hacknoon 5-part series on Smart Contract development is very very comprehensive, and you'll probably find yourself dipping in and out of it, but a few people have mentioned that it does a very good job of explaining the concepts necessary to build successful dapps.

I have written some Solidity but never for production

First you'll want to set up your environment for development. We'll need node and npm.

NodeJS - This comes with NPM by default

Truffle - And highly recommend Ganache

Getting started with Truffle

I have written production level Solidity before

Sweet. You probably don't need any of the tutorials in this file, but if you've never used Truffle I would highly recommend it.

Some things to think about (you may have done all of these too):

Any other project ideas? Submit a PR!


Resources for getting into Web3 development






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