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#include <binaryen-c.h>
// "hello world" type example: create a function that adds two i32s and returns
// the result
int main() {
BinaryenModuleRef module = BinaryenModuleCreate();
// Create a function type for i32 (i32, i32)
BinaryenType ii[2] = {BinaryenTypeInt32(), BinaryenTypeInt32()};
BinaryenType params = BinaryenTypeCreate(ii, 2);
BinaryenType results = BinaryenTypeInt32();
// Get the 0 and 1 arguments, and add them
BinaryenExpressionRef x = BinaryenLocalGet(module, 0, BinaryenTypeInt32()),
y = BinaryenLocalGet(module, 1, BinaryenTypeInt32());
BinaryenExpressionRef add = BinaryenBinary(module, BinaryenAddInt32(), x, y);
// Create the add function
// Note: no additional local variables
// Note: no basic blocks here, we are an AST. The function body is just an
// expression node.
BinaryenFunctionRef adder =
BinaryenAddFunction(module, "adder", params, results, NULL, 0, add);
// Print it out
// Clean up the module, which owns all the objects we created above
return 0;