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Finished Proposals

Finished proposals are proposals that have reached phase 4, and are included in the latest draft of the specification.

Proposal Champion Meeting notes
Import/Export of Mutable Globals Ben Smith WG 2018-06-06
Non-trapping float-to-int conversions Dan Gohman WG 2020-03-11
Sign-extension operators Ben Smith WG 2020-03-11
Multi-value Andreas Rossberg WG 2020-03-11
JavaScript BigInt to WebAssembly i64 integration Dan Ehrenberg & Sven Sauleau WG 2020-06-09
Reference Types Andreas Rossberg WG 2021-02-10
Bulk memory operations Ben Smith WG 2021-02-10
Fixed-width SIMD Deepti Gandluri and Arun Purushan WG 2021-07-14

See also the active proposals and inactive proposals documents.