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Raspberry Pi / Roam

This package wirelessly connects a Raspberry Pi to available WiFi networks and bridges the connection to an access point.



You will need a Raspberry Pi 3 and an extra WiFi adapter. For initial setup, you will need to wire your Pi to a router.

The Pi has to be up and running a fresh image of Raspbian. If not, please follow this installation guide.


1 - Download this repository.

2 - Use secure copy to push the application directory onto the Pi (default password is: raspberry).

$ scp -r path/to/rpi-roam-webapp/roam pi@raspberrypi.local:.

3 - Take control with SSH (default password is: raspberry).

$ ssh pi@raspberrypi.local

4 - Run the setup script.

pi@raspberrypi:~ $ sudo bash roam/

The script will ask for some information.

  • Access Point Name : The SSID, basically the name of our Pi's WiFi. (default: Raspberry Pi)
  • Access Point Password : The passkey of our Pi's WiFi. Pick it well ! (default: raspberry)
  • Access Point Interface : The interface to bridge to (default: wlan0)
  • Adapter Interface : Our receiver, the one to bridge from (default: wlan1)
  • Host Name : The .local address of the Pi. (default: raspberrypi)
  • Local Network Address : "192.168.0" or whatever, just make sure to follow this IP format: three levels only ! (default: 10.0.0)
  • Application Port : The port to run the application on. (default: 80)
  • Application Name : The title to give to the application page... (default: Raspberry Pi)
  • Connection Process Interval : Interval inbetween each "auto" connection attempt, in minutes. (default: 2)

It may take some time since it runs apt-get install & apt-get update.

This package will automatically connect to known available networks.

To save a new network, access the application on the Pi's .local host (http://raspberrypi.local:80 by defaults) and set up the WiFi.

Once connection is made, our Pi will bridge it to our access point.


Setup script and web application for a wireless Raspberry Pi bridge.




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