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Spring 2017 Papers in Progress

This is a listing of all the papers, specs, or other works in progress from Rebooting the Web of Trust 4, held in Paris in April 2017. A more extensive Topic Summary is in Google Docs.

Paper Contact Link Abstract Status
(1) What Users Really Want Joe Andrieu Draft May
(2) DID Auth James Overview In Progress
(3) DKMS DID Service Discovery Drummond Spec June 30
(6) Decentralized Reputation Systems Angus Champion de Crespigny Abstract May
(7) LD Signature Alignment Kim Hamilton Draft Abstract Awaiting Edit
(-) Functional Identity Joe A. Early Stages
(-) What is a Minimum Verifiable Claim? Christopher

Numbering is based on the Topic Recap recording solely to maintain consistency in keeping track of everything.

Cut due to challenges discovered at the Hackathon:

Paper Contact Link Abstract Status
(4) DID Method Specs Ryan (rgrant) Outline Abstract August
(4.1) DID Method Spec: Bitcoin Christopher + Ryan