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zdobersek committed Nov 20, 2017
1 parent db8ce0b commit d5a3de1e3f6d7445c4daa72f7fe49fd99a2a0485
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  1. +0 −14 Source/WebCore/platform/graphics/gstreamer/MediaPlayerPrivateGStreamerBase.h
@@ -252,20 +252,6 @@ class MediaPlayerPrivateGStreamerBase : public MediaPlayerPrivateInterface
Lock m_drawMutex;
RunLoop::Timer<MediaPlayerPrivateGStreamerBase> m_drawTimer;
PlayreadySession* createPlayreadySession(const Vector<uint8_t> &, GstElement* pipeline, bool alreadyLocked = false);
PlayreadySession* prSessionByInitData(const Vector<uint8_t>&, bool alreadyLocked = false) const;
PlayreadySession* prSessionBySessionId(const String&, bool alreadyLocked = false) const;
// Maps each pipeline (playback pipeline for normal videos, append pipeline for MSE) to its latest sessionId.
HashMap<GstElement*, String> m_prSessionIds;
Vector<std::unique_ptr<PlayreadySession>> m_prSessions;
// Protects the previous two HashMaps for concurrent access.
mutable Lock m_prSessionsMutex;
RefPtr<GraphicsContext3D> m_context3D;
RefPtr<TextureMapperPlatformLayerProxy> m_platformLayerProxy;

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