base folder structure to build projects
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A basic structure to start a JS project.

Automatic Setup

This procedure will ask you your name in github, in my case I would put WebReflection, the new repository name you have just created, in this case I would use gitstrap, and the folder where to initialize such repository, as example ~/code.

curl -s >~/gitstrap && bash ~/gitstrap && rm ~/gitstrap

Once inserted those three values, the script will prepare everything and will ask if you want to push the fresh new repo content.

Basic Manual Setup

Once created a repository without the file, and let's call the repository project-name, here what you could do to be up and running:

git clone git:// project-name
cd project-name
rm -rf .git
make dependencies
git init
git add .
git commit -m "gitstrap in"
git remote add origin
git push -u origin master

Other Features

# install dependencies
make dependencies

# generic JS variable
make var

# node.js
make node

# AMD module
make amd

# all together plus tests via node.js

# test only
make test

# via npm
npm test

# test via web (click on the generated url)
make web

# jshint
make test

# update pages test
make pages

Latter one requires a gh-pages branch so the test will be reachable, as example, through the test folder