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JavaScript glossary on demand

a place for the book readers to provide feedback, suggest better wording, or fix typos.

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before suggesting changes ...

Please consider reading twice the "what this book is not" chapter before suggesting any change.

If some concept is overly simplified, that's probably how it was supposed to be.

Moreover, if fixing any description requires the introduction of new words that are not instantly explained in the following chapter, such change won't, and shouldn't, make it.

To provide an example, if the definition of constants and const is the following:

const declarations are for constant bindings but they don't guarantee immutable data objects

all we have is a "special little circle of hell" for people that do not know anything about programming.

The words bindings, immutable or even objects are presented as if the user knows what we are talking about but that's the whole point of this book: most users don't!

Under this vision, I welcome you to suggest any improvement you consider appropriate to any wording or code example.

Thank You, Andrea Giammarchi