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[[!toc ]]
-For Webconverger customization customers, customising the X background is
-normal and best practice. If customers want splashy customised, this is
-currently a **lot of extra work** and I have to charge accordingly.
+# splashy (the bootup logo)
-# splashy
-New and somewhat easier than usplash. There is some rough edges with the secondary screen.
-Wrote up a little [customisation guide over at the d-l
-Try out the USB images on the [[mini]] [download
-page]( Splashy uses
-Image should be about 640x480 and not have any detail close to the edges.
-From 2.30 `noxbg` makes the X bootup screen blank.
+Can you change the bootup logo? Short answer: **No**, not easily
# The X windows centered background image on a white background
-This is retrieved from $HOMEPAGE/bg.png
-Image should be about 800x600 & if it is a Webconverger image it should link:
+`noxbg` [[boot]] option makes the X bootup screen blank.
-* support email address
+Otherwise the background logo is retrieved from $HOMEPAGE/bg.png
Users see this as Webconverger loads the Web browser. So initially at bootup
and between sessions. The amount of time this background is viewable depends on
@@ -36,17 +18,3 @@ the speed of the computer. I.e. how long it takes to load the browser.
So the default HOMEPAGE=
So [view the current background](
-## Thoughts
-The background could be a nice image or piece of art.
-If using Flickr choose a [BY: licensed image](
-# Grub & Syslinux
-For the
-bootloader a 640x400 image (14 indexed colours) is required. The [Debian Live
-Artwork]( page has
-details of how the artwork is converted.

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