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From [[6.0_to_6.1|changes/6.0-6.1]] we have the usual updated browser, flash and excitingly iso-hybrid support.
-# Customising [iso-hybrid](;a=blob;f=doc/isolinux.txt#l80)
-No need for separate [[img|usb]] and [[iso]] files. **One** ISO HYBRID file can
-do **both**. You can burn the ISO and also image the same file to a USB stick.
-The reason why [Webconverger has a commercial customisation
-service]( is that it used to be very difficult to
-make trivial changes to the [[boot_command_line|boot]].
-[[Thanks|acknowledgements]] to
-[nils]( and to
-[Daniel Baumann]( especially for his hard work on this
-[Debian Live]( feature, customisation has become
-a lot easier for you.
-The customisation steps are something like:
- mount -o loop webc-6.1.iso /mnt/webc/
- rsync -av /mnt/webc /mnt/custom
- chmod +w /mnt/custom/isolinux/live.cfg
-Now edit `/mnt/custom/isolinux/live.cfg` and change the [[boot]] command line
-with your homepage URL.
-Now rebuild the ISO like so:
- mkisofs -o /tmp/custom-webc.iso -b -r -J -l -cache-inodes -allow-multidot -no-emul-boot -boot-load-size 4 -boot-info-table \
- -b isolinux/isolinux.bin -c isolinux/ /mnt/custom
- /usr/bin/isohybrid /tmp/custom-webc.iso
-`isohybrid` comes from a recent version of [syslinux](
-The [customisation service]( remains if you are unable to perform these commands.
-It's also difficult to edit the package listing, such as changing [[chrome|kiosk]]
-without the [service]( still. For
-[[large_deployments|press]], please enquire with sales in how we can help you.
# Migrate your video content to open [HTML5 video]( instead of [[Adobe_Flash|adobe]]
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+# Webconverger 8.5 bring better old hardware and wireless support
+<a href="" title="Webconverger 8.5 by Kai Hendry, on Flickr"><img src="" width="500" height="375" alt="Webconverger 8.5"></a>
+Between [[8.0_to_8.5|changes/8.0-8.5]] there are several improvements such as:
+* [Firefox 5]( !
+* Added lots of [[non-free|free___38___open_software]] wireless firmware
+* 2.6.39 **486** linux kernel, meaning [[ancient machines should be able to boot Webconverger|requirements]]
+This ISO's md5sum is 357843174354d886d1d63a43daded81a. USA mirror: <> Germany: <>
+If you notice any more issues **please** report them to the [mailing
+list]( I'll be especially interested
+with any detailed reports like the [browser fails to
+Strace & hardware details.
+Lastly please support my adventure from London to Mongolia over at
+<>. Many thanks especially to
+& Ari.
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