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Releases: Webdeskme/wdOS

wdOS with webframe

21 Dec 03:04
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In This release experimental WebFrame features have been added. This includes a built in api and web application solution. This release is currently for Linux but refer to the previous relies for mac and windows.

Better Front End Framework Support

25 Nov 16:52
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In this release we made lots of improvement. A new server setting makes it now possible to run some apps on the desktop and in the browser. Production code made from Angular, Vue, and React work just the way they were made to in this addition both on desktop and the browser.

Now you can cast and produce a website on different ports.

We have also updated documentation.

Note: This release still has not fixes issues with the mac so we have provided a much lighter version for mac.

Fleshed out

14 Nov 17:55
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In this version npm modules were added for client use, tutorials were fixed, and a "create app" button was added. The Mac version is light and does not contain all the features of the other versions.







07 Nov 14:31
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WebDesktop (wdOS) is the easy way to make desktop apps with web languages and nothing else!


WebDesktop OS GUI is the easy way to make desktop apps with web languages and nothing else!

Installing apps is as easy. All you need to do is unzip the app in this folder Documents/wdOS/App/

With WebDesktop you can broadcast a website or files on your local network or over the internet with router configurations. (You may need to play with firewall settings)

WebDesktop even comes with a very basic web browser.(not currently in mac addition)

** Many more update and a marketplace for apps will becoming in the near future!

To build an app:

  • create a folder with your app title in this directory Documents/wdOS/App/
  • add you code with entry point index.html
  • add an icon with name ic.png
  • add a file called wd.json with contents that look like this
    {"name": "Sample", "des": "This is a test project!"}