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Verbal-Exprejon is a Clojure library that helps you build complex regexes without any regex
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Verbal Exprejon

VerbalExpressions with a lisp

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Create a Regex

(def url
  (->> (then "http")
       (maybe "s")
       (then "://")
       (maybe "www.")
       (anything-but " ")

(re-matches url "")

Create your own midleware

A middleware is a function that takes a regex as its last parameter, and output a regex.

; Match a `domain` url like

(defpattern url?
  "Match if it is a url"
  (->>  (then "http")
        (maybe "s")
        (then "://")
        (maybe "www.")
        (then domain)
        (anything-but " ")))

Reuse your middlewares

Match stuff like facebook or google

(defpattern url-name
  "Match if it is a domain url followed by its name"
  (->>  (url? domain)
        (then " ")
        (then domain)))

(def match (matcher url-name "google"))
(println (match " google"))

;; -> true


(defpattern hour-pattern
  "Matches an hour"
  [] (->> (interval [\0 \9])
          (times [1 2])
          (maybe (OR ["h" (->> (then "hour") (maybe "s"))]))))

(defpattern minute-pattern
  "Matches a minute"
  [] (->> (interval [\0 \9])
          (times [1 2])
          (maybe (OR ["m" (->> (then "minute") (maybe "s"))]))))

(defpattern second-pattern
  "Matches a second"
  [] (->> (interval [\0 \9])
          (times [1 2])
          (maybe (OR ["s" (->> (then "second") (maybe "s"))]))))

(defpattern time-separator
  "Matches the separation between hours, minutes and seconds"
  [] (maybe (->> (any-blank)
                 (maybe (OR ["and" " " ", " ":"]))

(defpattern time-pattern
  "Matches a time"
  [] (->> (maybe (->> (hour)
          (maybe (->> (minute)
          (maybe (second))))

(def time? (matcher time-pattern))

(defn testit
  (time? time))

(testit "12h")
(testit "12h5")
(testit "12h05")
(testit "12h30m")
(testit "12:07")
(testit "12hours")
(testit "12hours and 3 minutes")
(testit "12:5:4")
(testit "12h and 5 minutes")
(testit "5 hours")
(testit "12 minutes")
(testit "12 minutes and 5 seconds")
(testit "5s")


(then "string"):

Matches the string literally

(maybe "string"):

Matches the string if any


Matches anything

(anything-but "string"):

Matches anything except the provided value


Matches the previous middleware one ore more times


Matches the previous middleware zero or more times

(any "letters"):

Matches any letter from the provided string


Matches any blank characters including line breaks, spaces and tabs


Matches the end of a line


Matches the start of a line


Matches a \n

(interval [characters]):

Matches the pairs ranges provided. Examples:

;; matches any letter between a-z and A-Z
(interval \a \z \A \Z)


Matches a tabulation


Matches a word (case insensitive)

(OR [vector]):

Matches the first matching expression in the vector

(times [start end]):

Matches the previous middleware from start times to end times Example:

; [0-9]{1,3}

(interval \0 \9)
(times [1 3])

(words-split-by [delimiters]):

Matches a sequence of words split by any delimiters in the provided vector


Matches a sequence of words split by spaces


This has been done by a Clojure newbie.

Copyright © 2016 Guillaume Badi

Distributed under the MIT License

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