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Simple Cocoa methods for Punycode and IDNA on NSString
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Punycode Cocoa

Build Status

v1.2.1 (2016)
by Nate Weaver (Wevah)

A simple punycode/IDNA category on NSString, based on code and documentation from RFC 3492 and RFC 3490.

Use this to convert internationalized domain names (IDN) between Unicode and ASCII.

To use in your own projects, all you need is NSStringPunycodeAdditions.h/m. This project includes a sample testing app.



@property (readonly, copy, nullable)    NSString *punycodeEncodedString;
@property (readonly, copy, nullable)    NSString *punycodeDecodedString;

Encodes or decodes a string to its punycode-encoded format, stripping variation selectors (U+FE00U+FE15).

@property (readonly, copy, nullable) NSString *IDNAEncodedString;

If self contains non-ASCII, calls -punycodeEncodedString and prepends xn--.

@property (readonly, copy, nullable) NSString *IDNADecodedString;

Decodes a string returned by -IDNAEncodedString.

@property (readonly, copy, nullable) NSString *encodedURLString;
@property (readonly, copy, nullable) NSString *decodedURLString;

Performs encode/decode operations on each appropriate part (the domain bits) of an URL string.


+ (instancetype nullable)URLWithUnicodeString:(NSString *)URLString;

Convenience method equivalent to [NSURL URLWithString:URLString.encodedURLString].

@property (readonly, copy, nullable) NSString *decodedURLString;

Convenience property equivalent to anURL.absoluteString.decodedURLString.

© 2012–2016 Nate Weaver (Wevah)

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