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#ifndef _MISSION_H_
#define _MISSION_H_
#include <vector>
#include <string>
#include <sstream>
#include "itype.h"
#include "texthash.h"
#include "npc.h"
struct mission;
class game;
enum talk_topic;
enum mission_id {
std::string mission_dialogue(mission_id id, talk_topic state);
enum mission_origin {
ORIGIN_GAME_START, // Given when the game starts
ORIGIN_OPENER_NPC, // NPC comes up to you when the game starts
ORIGIN_SECONDARY, // Given at the end of another mission
enum mission_goal {
MGOAL_GO_TO, // Reach a certain overmap tile
MGOAL_FIND_ITEM, // Find an item of a given type
MGOAL_FIND_ANY_ITEM, // Find an item tagged with this mission
MGOAL_FIND_MONSTER, // Find and retrieve a friendly monster
MGOAL_FIND_NPC, // Find a given NPC
MGOAL_KILL_MONSTER, // Kill a particular hostile monster
struct mission_place { // Return true if [posx,posy] is valid in overmap
bool never (game *g, int posx, int posy) { return false; }
bool always (game *g, int posx, int posy) { return true; }
bool near_town (game *g, int posx, int posy);
/* mission_start functions are first run when a mission is accepted; this
* initializes the mission's key values, like the target and description.
* These functions are also run once a turn for each active mission, to check
* if the current goal has been reached. At that point they either start the
* goal, or run the appropriate mission_end function.
struct mission_start {
void standard (game *, mission *); // Standard for its goal type
void infect_npc (game *, mission *); // DI_INFECTION, remove antibiotics
void place_dog (game *, mission *); // Put a dog in a house!
void place_zombie_mom (game *, mission *); // Put a zombie mom in a house!
void place_npc_software(game *, mission *); // Put NPC-type-dependent software
void reveal_hospital (game *, mission *); // Reveal the nearest hospital
void find_safety (game *, mission *); // Goal is set to non-spawn area
void place_book (game *, mission *); // Place a book to retrieve
struct mission_end { // These functions are run when a mission ends
void standard (game *, mission *){}; // Nothing special happens
void heal_infection (game *, mission *);
struct mission_fail {
void standard (game *, mission *){}; // Nothing special happens
void kill_npc (game *, mission *); // Kill the NPC who assigned it!
struct mission_type {
int id; // Matches it to a mission_id above
std::string name; // The name the mission is given in menus
mission_goal goal; // The basic goal type
int difficulty; // Difficulty; TODO: come up with a scale
int value; // Value; determines rewards and such
npc_favor special_reward; // If we have a special gift, not cash value
int deadline_low, deadline_high; // Low and high deadlines (turn numbers)
bool urgent; // If true, the NPC will press this mission!
std::vector<mission_origin> origins; // Points of origin
itype_id item_id;
mission_id follow_up;
bool (mission_place::*place)(game *g, int x, int y);
void (mission_start::*start)(game *g, mission *);
void (mission_end ::*end )(game *g, mission *);
void (mission_fail ::*fail )(game *g, mission *);
mission_type(int ID, std::string NAME, mission_goal GOAL, int DIF, int VAL,
bool URGENT,
bool (mission_place::*PLACE)(game *, int x, int y),
void (mission_start::*START)(game *, mission *),
void (mission_end ::*END )(game *, mission *),
void (mission_fail ::*FAIL )(game *, mission *)) :
id (ID), name (NAME), goal (GOAL), difficulty (DIF), value (VAL),
urgent(URGENT), place (PLACE), start (START), end (END), fail (FAIL)
deadline_low = 0;
deadline_high = 0;
item_id = itm_null;
follow_up = MISSION_NULL;
mission create(game *g, int npc_id = -1); // Create a mission
struct mission {
mission_type *type;
std::string description; // Basic descriptive text
bool failed; // True if we've failed it!
int value; // Cash/Favor value of completing this
npc_favor reward; // If there's a special reward for completing it
int uid; // Unique ID number, used for referencing elsewhere
point target; // Marked on the player's map. (-1,-1) for none
itype_id item_id; // Item that needs to be found (or whatever)
int count; // How many of that item
int deadline; // Turn number
int npc_id; // ID of a related npc
int good_fac_id, bad_fac_id; // IDs of the protagonist/antagonist factions
int step; // How much have we completed?
mission_id follow_up; // What mission do we get after this succeeds?
text_hash text;
std::string name();
std::string save_info();
void load_info(game *g, std::ifstream &info);
type = NULL;
description = "";
failed = false;
value = 0;
uid = -1;
target = point(-1, -1);
item_id = itm_null;
count = 0;
deadline = 0;
npc_id = -1;
good_fac_id = -1;
bad_fac_id = -1;
step = 0;
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