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C# MUD framework.


WheelMUD is a framework for creating Multiple-User Dimensions (MUDs) using the .NET 4.0 platform and the C# language. Being built on modern tools and techniques, WheelMUD will allow MUD administrators to build their world and customize the code far easier than the MUDs of yesteryear.

Big News

March 2015:

  • This site (github) is becoming the new primary site for WheelMUD source, documentation, and issue tracking (for now; may consider applying for free Jira Cloud services).
  • Archived Discussions have migrated to muds.gamedev.com. Please use that site for public discussions which are not issue-related or pull-request-related.

Project Information

There is lots of information about WheelMUD, and Documentation for WheelMUD, available right here in the source tree. Get started at the Documentation root, where you will find things ranging from the Project Goals to Development-oriented information.

Super Quick Start

For those who know git, code, and telnet already and want to jump right in.


Microsoft Public License (MS-PL). Read Here.