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C# Multiple-User Dimension (MUD) framework
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C# MUD framework.


WheelMUD is a framework for creating Multiple-User Dimensions (MUDs) using the .NET platform and the C# language. Being built on modern tools and techniques, WheelMUD will allow MUD administrators to build their world and customize the code far easier than the MUDs of yesteryear.

Project Information

There is lots of information about WheelMUD, and Documentation for WheelMUD, available right here in the source tree. Get started at the Documentation root, where you will find things ranging from the Project Goals to Development-oriented information.

There are a lot more information in old discussions and design documents buried in We are in the process of rebuilding GitHub-friendly documentation and design documents from the gems hidden within. Please bear with us on that front.

Quick Setup

Here's the short version of the setup instructions, mainly for seasoned developers:

  • Meet the framework runtime requirements listed in Basic Prerequisites.
  • Get the code and build the entire solution (not just the TestHarness dependencies).
  • Launch TestHarness.
  • Once the server is ready: telnet localhost 4000.

Thorough Setup

See Getting Started from the Documentation pages for a more thorough walk-through to get up and running.

GitHub Processes

  • Feel free to introduce yourself and ask questions and such in the Issues section. General banter will likely eventually be closed, after any issues/bugs/tasks have been diligently extracted to separate, tracked issues.
  • Please comment on an issue if you plan to take it on, so we do not accidentally duplicate efforts.
  • Pull requests should generally target WheelMud/WheelMUD.


Microsoft Public License (MS-PL). Read Here.

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