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Sometimes finding references on GitHub is frustrating. Not anymore. whereisit is an extension that helps you to easily find the references on repositories in an online fashion. Just select the function or declaration and whereisit is going to help finding the right stuff. Piece of cake.

whereisit is a hack developed during the Angelhack Brooklyn 2015, by @celsopalmeiraneto, @danielcodes, @filfrey, @Anomalous1, @ngzhian

How to get it

This has been released as a chrome extension. Things may be slow at times or really buggy, especially if you are using the extension on a repo for the first time.

If it takes too long, please try the extension on these repositories:

  1. django/django
  2. danielcodes/Algorithms
  3. cocos2d/cocos2d-x
  4. jquery/jquery
  5. jekyll/jekyll

Running this locally

You'll need nodejs, python, ctags installed.

  1. cd into gitCloner, and run npm install, this should get the backend node server running
  2. install ctags on your machine, usually it's sudo apt-get install exuberant-ctags
  3. inside the main whereisit folder, start the server using ./scripts/runserver
  4. install the chrome extension (you need to be in developer mode for chrome)
  5. navigate to your favourite repository on GitHub and try it out!

Join the chat at where is it?

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