HUD for Team Fortress 2 - Using #base extends on default files & hudanimations_manifest to include custom animation files; so the hud should always be up to date after simply extracting the default hud files from the vpk files with HLExtract
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WietHUD ReadMe

Installation of WietHUD

  1. Press Download Zip on Github. This will download
  2. Navigate to your TF2 Folder \Steam\SteamApps\common\Team Fortress 2\tf
  3. Create a folder named custom if it does not already exist
  4. Extract .zip file contents into custom directory (rename the hud folder if prefered)
  5. Open the (renamed) hud folder & update the default hudfiles with extract_base_hudfiles.bat

The contents of the hud folder should look similar to the following:

└── custom/
    └── WietHUD
        ├── alternatives/
        ├── cfg/
        ├── crosshairs/
        ├── default_hudfiles/
            ├── resource/
            └── hudlayout.res
        ├── HLExtract/
        ├── materials/
        ├── resource/
        ├── scripts/
        ├── themes/
        └── extract_base_hudfiles.bat

DO NOT remove the alternatives folder from the WietHUD directory, as this contains files that are included in essential hudfiles. These files are used for the Main Menu, Loadout, Inventory/Backpack, Player Health and are used to define elements for different resolutions/aspect ratios.

Updating WietHUD

  • Use the extract_base_hudfiles.bat in the WietHUD directory to extract the default HUD files after updates to Team Fortress 2.

This uses HLExtract to extract the hud resource files from tf_misc_dir.vpk to the default_hudfiles folder.

Technical explanation of HUD setup

  • Updating hud is done by simply extracting the default hud files (GCFScape/HLExtract)

  • Uses #base setup for clientscheme.res & hudlayout.res to include the original files and stays up to date regardless of changes made by VALVe.

  • Extract default files in seperate folder in the hud director to include these with #base in your hudfiles, which are loaded from the custom folder to overrule the ones in the Team Fortress 2 vpk files.

  • scripts/hudanimations_manifest.txt includes custom hud animation files

  • No need to customize hudanimations_tf.txt (which is frequently modified by VALVe) (Explanation video)

Useful settings/console variables for any HUD

Add exec wiethud_tweaks or execute the config file once to set up some console variables which should improve HUD experience (work for any HUD)



ClientScheme.res offers the possibility to include separate files for fonts & themes (re)defining colors used throughout the hud, besides the #base setup to allow easy for updating.

Currently available themes are: Red, Orange, Pink, Purple, Blue, Light Blue, Gray, Lime & color are taken from the Google Palette

4:3 & 5:4 Aspect Ratio support

Widescreen is supported by default with #base include in the following HUD elements:

  • Comment or uncomment lines by adding or removing // before the #base include line of the self explanatory filenames containing _widescreen.
HUD Section File
Main Menu resource/ui/MainMenuOverride.res
Backpack resource/ui/econ/BackpackPanel.res
Class Loadout Buttons resource/ui/CharinfoLoadoutSubpanel.res
Loadout Screens resource/ui/ClassSelection.res
Item Received resource/ui/econ/ItemPickupPanel.res
Item Selection resource/ui/ItemSelectionPanel.res
Store Page Buttons resource/ui/econ/v2/StorePanel.res

Main Menu Buttons

Custom main menu buttons can be disabled by commenting/removing the first lines in MainMenuOverride.res and GameMenu.res


StatusSpec Medigun Panels (Download | Screenshot)


  • omnibombulator - for putting this up on
  • literally everyone using this hud & providing feedback