Fetch account and account balance from the XRPL for a specific ledger index
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Fetch XRPL Accounts

This small tool connects to a rippled server using websockets and fetches all AccountRoot records for a specific ledger index. The output will be saved into ledgerindex_accounts.json, eg. 123456_accounts.json.


npm run fetch ledgerindex


npm run fetch 39374682

Optional you can specify the websocket server to connect to:

npm run fetch 39374682 wss://s2.ripple.com

The default server is: wss://s1.ripple.com

List accounts for a ledger index

You should first fetch all AccountRoot information for the specific ledger index (see "Fetch XRPL Accounts" above this section).

When the ledger is fetched (and ledgerindex_accounts.json exists) you can list all the accounts found sorted alphabetically:

npm run list ledgerindex


npm run list 39374682


Check the account count

Assuming you fetched the ledger indexes used: you can count (wc -l) the output lines:

node accountlist.js 37374682 | wc -l

Create account list for ledger index

Assuming you fetched the ledger indexes used: you can cut the accountlist output and store the stdout:

node accountlist.js 37374682 | cut -d " " -f 1 > 37374682.txt

Now do this for another ledger index:

node accountlist.js 39374682 | cut -d " " -f 1 > 39374682.txt

Now use diff to check for the newly created accounts between the two ledgers:

diff -u 37374682.txt 39374682.txt | grep -E "^\+"|cut -d "+" -f 2

Sorting on ledger index of last transaction

Assuming you fetched the ledger indexes used: you can use awk to change the order of the output, and use sort -n (numeric). Sample:

node accountlist.js 37374682 | awk '{print $3,$2,$1}' | sort -n