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We're reviving and improving upon different channels on the Nintendo Wii.


Welcome to WiiLink!

We are a team of avid tinkers dedicated to reversing channels on the Nintendo Wii. We specialize in reviving services long discontinued.

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❓ What does WiiLink develop?

Quite a lot, ranging from backends for defunct services to helpful libraries on the Wii! For an up-to-date status page, please see our website.

Our three most developed services are as follows:

Service Backend
Wii no Ma room-server
Digicam cam-server
Demae Channel food-server

We additionally have patchers for the contents of these channels themselves, updating things such as URLs, certificates, and region-specific logic.

Some other highly notable libraries developed:

  • brlytlib, a Go library for manipulating the BRLYT layout format.
  • libpatcher, a C library to apply common IOS patches.
  • bmgconv, a Go utility to manipulate the BMG string format.

📌 How can I get involved?

We appreciate any help - thank you for your interest!

If you want to see what we're currently working on, please see our ongoing Projects. Of course, we welcome any pull request assisting in any area with wide arms!


  1. room-server room-server Public

    A backend for Wii no Ma.

    Python 24 10

  2. cam-server cam-server Public

    A backend implementing functionality for the Digicam Print Channel.

    Python 4 6

  3. food-server food-server Public

    A server designed to run the Demae channel.

    Python 28 14

  4. WiiLink24-Patcher WiiLink24-Patcher Public

    The repository containing patchers to help you download channels.

    C# 110 16

  5. ForecastChannel ForecastChannel Public

    File generator for the Forecast Channel

    Go 21 5

  6. NintendoChannel NintendoChannel Public

    File generator for the Nintendo Channel

    Go 11 2


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