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The eight release of the Wikidata Toolkit mainly adds support for JDK 9 and several fixes that are needed to keep Wikidata Toolkit working with the changes done on Wikidata.

It also provides two features related to the Wikibase API: it is now possible to edit labels, descriptions and aliases using the WikibaseDataEditor (this is a work in progress that is likely to change) and there is now a wrapper for the wbEntitySearch API action.

We have made a short survey to help us doing some technical choices for the future versions of the Wikidata Toolkit. It should take less than a minute to fill: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSdN25X2sTv2wQe-y56d0hC4QmU06s6crr1GoGqx3qVNv3Fz5A/viewform

Bug fixes:

Quantities bounds are now optional following the change in Wikibase
Add the "id" field to entity id JSON serialization following the change in Wikibase
Do not fail when logging in
Do not fail when reading redirections in daily XML dumps
Do not fail when new datatypes are introduced in Wikibase
Make sure that API warnings are read for all requests
Do not fail when reading a bz2 compressed dump when a gzip dump was expected
WikibaseDataFetcher is now able to retrieve more than 50 entities at once
Switch to the new way of retrieving MediaWiki API tokens

Artifacts are also released on Maven Central and it is strongly recommend to use them. To do this, insert the following dependency into your pom.xml:

org.wikidata.wdtk wdtk-dumpfiles 0.8.0

Similar configurations can be used for other modules (e.g., wdtk-rdf or wdtk-datamodel), but most dependencies will be resolved for you by Maven. An example Java project using this library are the Wikidata Toolkit Examples. Further instructions are given in the Wikidata Toolkit user documentation.

Alternatively, you can also use the JAR packages attached to this release.