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Link Wikidata items to large catalogs
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soweego: link Wikidata to large catalogs

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soweego is a pipeline that connects Wikidata to large-scale third-party catalogs.

soweego is the only system that makes statisticians, epidemiologists, historians, and computer scientists agree. Why? Because it performs record linkage, data matching, and entity resolution at the same time. Too easy, they all seem to be synonyms!

Oh, soweego also embeds Machine Learning and advocates for Linked Data.

Is soweego similar to the Go game?

Official Project Page

soweego is made possible thanks to the Wikimedia Foundation:



Get Ready

Install Docker and Compose, then enter soweego:

$ git clone
$ cd soweego
$ ./docker/
Building soweego


Now it's too late to get out!

Run the Pipeline

Piece of cake:

:/app/soweego# python -m soweego run CATALOG

Pick CATALOG from discogs, imdb, or musicbrainz.

These steps are executed by default:

  1. import the target catalog into a local database;
  2. link Wikidata to the target with a supervised linker;
  3. synchronize Wikidata to the target.

Results are in /app/shared/results.

Use the Command Line

You can launch every single soweego action with CLI commands:

:/app/soweego# python -m soweego
Usage: soweego [OPTIONS] COMMAND [ARGS]...

  Link Wikidata to large catalogs.

  -l, --log-level <TEXT CHOICE>...
                                  Module name followed by one of [DEBUG, INFO,
                                  WARNING, ERROR, CRITICAL]. Multiple pairs
  --help                          Show this message and exit.

  importer  Import target catalog dumps into a SQL database.
  ingester  Take soweego output into Wikidata items.
  linker    Link Wikidata items to target catalog identifiers.
  run       Launch the whole pipeline.
  sync      Sync Wikidata to target catalogs.

Just two things to remember:

  1. you can always get --help;
  2. each command may have sub-commands.


The best way is to import a new catalog. Please also have a look at the guidelines.


The source code is under the terms of the GNU General Public License, version 3.

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